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About this site.

This is my personal website that I've built with help from the following things:


Astro is framework for building predominantly static and content centric sites. By default it ships zero JavaScript to the browser and implements an Islands Architecture to ship areas of interactivity as and when needed. Blog posts are all written in MDX and Astro handles transpiling these to HTML and generating the RSS feed. is a social platform to run serverless snippets of code, it powers the like button on my blog posts. For more details checkout my blog post on how this works.


Tailwind is used for styling. I find this the best way manage styles in application, it encourages systematic and consistent styling, allows for rapid prototyping and eliminates any concerns over dead code, global scope and specificity.


GitHub manages version control, automated dependency management with Dependabot and running the continuous integration (CI) pipeline (using ESLint, TSC, Jest) in GitHub actions.


Vercel handles hosting, preview deploys and continuous deployment (CD).


Blush provides all the illustrations used for my blog posts.

About Merlin

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