Merlin Mason Graphic & Web Designer

About Merlin Mason

I'm a frontend developer with a background as an award winning designer.

I work closely with designers, turning ideas into interactive, responsive and immersive websites and applications.

I love web standards and open source technology, and spend most of my time working with WordPress, jQuery, Git/SVN, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 & LESS. A fan of agile methodologies and working in an object oriented manner, I create and iterate quickly.

A fan of travelling, I can be found cycling, snowboarding and egg scrambling in various cities around the world.

I've worked internationally from:
  • Norwich UK,
  • Leeds UK,
  • Melbourne VIC,
  • Melrose SA,
  • Geraldton WA,
  • Beaufort FRA.
  • Hong Kong CH.
  • London UK.



User Experience
I enjoy advising on the best practices to create engaging and easy to use products.
SEO & Content Strategy
Working out the best ways to keep old users returning to websites and helping new users discover them.
Looking at the most basic aspects of layout, wireframing helps plan the functionality of your website without distractions.


HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery
Working with the latest technologies to create fast and interactive websites and applications.
Responsive Mobile Design
Making sure content is accessible and optimised for devices of all sizes.
WordPress Integration
Highly customised and easy to use themes for complete content management.


WPfunctionMe Website
  • Client WPfunction.Me Personal
  • Role Concept, Branding, Design, Code
  • URL
  • Colab N/A
Wigwam Film Productions London Website
  • Client Wigwam Productions London
  • Role Design, Code
  • URL
  • Colab N/A


This doesn't have to be goodbye!

I'm a big fan of colaboration and I'm always interested in meeting and working with new people. Feel free to give me a shout if you'd like to discuss anything!